Change in Altitude

What happens when a woman who names her blog after the altitude of her home city moves away from that city? The short answer is – absolutely nothing – because I’ve paid for this name and damn it, it’s not going anywhere! But alas, I am no longer at or above 5280 feet above sea level. Instead, I’m at roughly 4300 feet. What that means for my daily life is that I don’t start wheezing until I hit a second flight of stairs, as opposed to the first. Winning! What it means for this blog is that my Colorado Adventures will now also include Utah Adventures. And maybe some Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho adventures someday, too. I’m expanding my horizons and yours too! Change is good.

So here’s a quick rundown on the 5280 Family’s change in altitude and attitude (cue Jimmy Buffett):

  • My hubby’s new job is a fantastic career move and awesome opportunity for the whole family. He spotted himself on a billboard this morning! A billboard! With his cute face giant sized looking down at himself. How’s that for surreal?
  • The boys are loving their new school and have made some fast friends already. It only took two school days for the older kid to have desk assignments rearranged because he was too chatty with the kiddo next to him.
  • We’re having fun exploring new restaurants, new stores, and meeting new people.
  • I have only a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment to clean up so there’s more time for writing, reading, exercising and all the stuff I enjoy doing! More on apartment life soon.

That’s it for now, friends. Stay tuned!


Welcome to My 5280 World

How many feet are there in a mile? How many words are 5.28 pictures worth?  What’s the elevation of the thirteenth step of the Colorado state capitol building in Denver, Colorado? If I had a penny for every time my children asked me “why” or “why not,” how many millions of dollars would I have?

The answer to all of these questions is 5,280 (except perhaps that last question, for I’m sure I’d have more than $52.8 million). For all you lowlanders, “Fifty-Two Eighty” is a common phrase in Denver. You have 5280 Magazine, the $52.80 per couple Denver Restaurant Week (which has since been upped to $60 per couple, which is terrifically non-catchy), restaurants, gyms, and a whole lotta other blogging mamas who have all incorporated the number into their identities. I adopted the “5280Mommy” moniker back in 2007, on a quiet little Blogspot site where I wrote about my babies, my job, and my travels with my husband. My audience included my grandparents, other family members and a few long-distance friends.  The 5280Mommy Blogspot site was long ago abandoned, but it lives on thanks to the infinity of the internet.

This site, my own site, will be so much more.

My desire (a lofty goal, indeed) is that I want to share 5,280 things with you. Things that I love, and things that I think you will love or at least like and things to which you can relate. Broadly, I expect those things to include posts about parenting, books, cooking, soccer momming, traveling, career, sports, getting older, the very occasional DIY, and things that I love about Colorado and need to tell someone. Sharing 5,280 things will take, if I post once per day, over 14 years. So yeah, that’s a little ambitious. And because I have absolutely no intention of posting once per day, it’s safe to say that if I were to adopt a more reasonable pace, I could easily keep this up through retirement.  As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so too does a written journal of 5,280 things. Welcome to my first step.

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