Bringing my love for books, mountains, and being a mom to you!


You’d expect a fair amount of parenting chatter on a site with the “mommy” in it, right? I’d hate to disappoint you, so I’m happy to report that you are correct. Here’s my stance, in a nutshell: parenting is HARD. Damn hard. And like every generation before us, the forward movement of society, culture, technology, and politics in today’s society means it just keeps getting harder all the time. As a former part-time worker, former full-time worker, former stay-at-homer, I can say they are all difficult positions to be in, they all have their rewards and challenges, they all suck sometimes, and they all work beautifully sometimes. My goal here is to NEVER judge or shame anyone for their career and parenting decisions, but to celebrate our decisions and parenthood and all of its imperfections. There shall be no mommy wars here, my friends. (I might poke fun at certain things, however. Please try not to get your panties in a wad.)

Some of the stuff you can expect to see will include mothering boys, soccer momming, healthy eating, fitness, DIYs, and staying connected to your spouse.