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Colorado Adventures

I love to write about our travels. Love, love, love. On our trips to Argentina and Japan, I took meticulous notes each day so that I could blog about it when we were traveling between cities. I got so wrapped up in it that Andrew had to confiscate my iPad on a particularly long bullet train journey between Fukushima and Tokyo because I hadn’t slept. Writing about what I see and experience, the people I meet and the conversations we have, is nirvana.

About a year and a half ago, the family took a trip to Glenwood Springs and, predictably because Glenwood is awesome, had the most amazing time. As we were strolling back to our hotel after having mind-blowing pizza and ice cream from an old school candy store, it hit me: “Jenn, you should blog about Colorado! You can write about drives, towns, hikes, restaurants, stores, people – the possibilities are endless!” I was completely jazzed about this idea for a month or two, and then the self doubt started to creep in. “There will always be people who know more about XYZ than I do. I’ll miss something totally amazing and lose all credibility. I’ve never skied, never hiked the Manitou incline, never climbed a fourteener. I’m a lowly semi-native so what the hell do I know?!” It took a long year of gentle self-prodding and several great Colorado experiences that made me think “damn! I want to tell somebody about this!” to get me back on track. No, I still don’t know everything there is to know about Colorado. But I think it will be fun to do as much exploring and trying and talking as I can, and I can share that with you. Because even if you have skied since you were 2, if you hike Manitou every year, and if you have ten 14ers on your list of accomplishments, maybe you haven’t hiked from Steamboat Springs to the Strawberry Hot Springs and been caught in a thunderstorm. Maybe you haven’t been schooled by your 8 year old while climbing the Great Sand Dunes. Maybe you haven’t spent a perfect summer night in a beer garden in Castle Rock. But I have. And if I share my stories with you, perhaps you’ll share yours with me, and then we can all be inspired to do everything that our colorful state has to offer.

View of Glenwood Springs from the Hotel Denver
View of Glenwood Springs from the Hotel Denver

Just for the record, I’ve got a couple “firsts” under my belt already this year: I went skiing for the first time and lived to tell the tale. But the tale is too humiliating and too boring to recount here. I have some pride. And I’m going to attempt Manitou this week. If I don’t check in on Facebook by Wednesday night, please contact the authorities. Tell them to look for a tearstained chubby brunette with a gaggle of skinny friends trying to coax her up a few more steps.

I am teeing up this idea today and I’ll get into more details on future posts. I’d absolutely love to hear suggestions on what adventures I should take, so please chime in if you have any to share!

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